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The Orange Push Pop strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid by the reputable seed junky genetics. The parent strains of Orange push pop are Triangle Kush and Orange Cookies.

Orange Push Pop strain offers the taste and flavor of an orange creamsicle—yummy orange with a hint of vanilla. Give this mouthwatering strain a try! Bay Smokes Orange Push Pop THCa flower is bound to have you returning for more!

Strain Effects

orange push pop effects
  • Body tingle
  • Creativity
  • Giggly
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Mental chill

THC Level

Orange Push Pop strain THC level is 22%.

Aroma & Flavor Profile

As you take in the aroma of the Orange Push Pop, you’re greeted with a tangy burst of orange and a cozy touch of creamy vanilla. It’s like a nostalgic trip back to the orange creamsicle of our childhood. When it comes to taste, the Orange Push Pop has an earthy flavor with subtle notes of tangerine, followed by a creamy ice cream-like aftertaste.


Orange Push Pop buds are a sight to behold! At first glance, you are met with light green buds with hints of purple. Bright orange hairs twist throughout the buds, living up to their name. The nugs are covered in frosty crystal trichomes that hint at their potency. These frosty buds are dense and compact, like any typical Indica strain.

Terpene Profile

orange push pop terpene profile
  • Caryophyllene 

This is the dominant terpene found in the Orange Push Pop strain. It gives the strain a woody and spicy pepper-like flavor and aroma. Caryophyllene is known for its potential anti-inflammatory properties, offering comfort to those seeking relief from physical discomfort.

  • Limonene

Limonene infuses Orange Push Pop with a delightful aroma reminiscent of sweet and citrusy lemons. This terpene’s influence on cannabis is known to elevate mood and provide stress relief, offering a refreshing and energizing experience that uplifts the spirits.

  • Myrcene

Myrcene is responsible for Orange Push Pop’s mildly sweet taste and earthy aroma. It is found predominantly in all indica strains and has herbal properties. Myrcene is known for its relaxing and sedating effects, which aids sleep.

Where to Buy Orange Push Pop THCa Strain Online

where to buy orange push pop

You can find the legendary Orange Push Pop Strain here at Bay Smokes! Our Orange Push Pop Strain is cultivated indoors in a state-of-the-art facility and lab-tested for purity and potency. Experience our Orange Push Pop Strain bursting with a fruity orange and vanilla flavor, waiting to delight your senses.

Our Orange Push Pop THCa Strain comes in a range of weights – 3.5g, 7g, 14g, or 28g – ensuring you get the perfect amount for your needs.

When you shop with Bay Smokes, you’re not just buying cannabis; you’re investing in an unforgettable experience! We pride ourselves on our diverse selection of premium THCa flower and a wide array of THCa cannabis products, from delicious edibles, vapes, and pre-rolls to potent THCa concentrates. We have everything you need to elevate your cannabis journey. With quick shipping as our top priority, you’ll enjoy your Bay Smokes products in no time.

Treat yourself today at Bay Smokes – your Orange Push Pop Strain adventure awaits!


  • Is Orange Push Pop Indica or Sativa?

Orange Push Pop is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It contains about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

  • Is Orange Push Pop Strain Strong?

Yes, the Orange Push Pop marijuana strain is mildly potent, with a THC content of 22%. If you are a beginner, the golden rule is to always start with small hits until you find a dose that works for you.

  • What are the flavor profile and effects of the Orange Push Pop Cannabis Strain?

Thanks to its parent strain, the Orange Cookies, the Orange Push Pop features a delightful fresh orange flavor with a hint of creamy vanilla. This strain’s effects are uplifting, chilling your mind, and tingling your body. Take a look at our strain reviews below to get a feel for the Orange Push Pop effects and flavor profile of this legendary strain here at Bay Smokes!

  • How to use Orange Push Pop THCa Flower?

The Orange Push Pop THCa Flower can be smoked in various ways. However you like it, you can smoke it! Roll it into joints or blunts, and take bong rips—the possibilities with THCa are limitless!

  • What Is THCa vs THC

THCa is the raw form of THC. You can turn THCa into THC by adding heat (decarboxylation). You can turn THCa to THC when you roll a joint and smoke, take bong rips, or cook with THCa flower.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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