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THCa Flower Sampler Bundle



What’s in the Bundle?

Notice: Smalls 28g bundle is our hot seller, and we don’t always have 4 strains of smalls in stock. You guys love our smalls so much they disappear as soon as we drop them! AND WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!! But… keep in mind, just because we have the smalls bundle available, doesn’t mean you will get 4 different strains. We will get you as much variety as we can for ANY of the bundles you order, but we work with small batches and when strains sell out, we may still offer bundles, they just may not be all different strains. Either way, we know you’re going to love it because we only pick up FIRE strains. Stay blessed fam! -Will G

Bundle up and save on a half or full ounce of your favorite THCa flower strains:

Hood Candy — Hybrid

Hood Candy THCa flower is just as sweet as it sounds. This THCa hybrid strain tastes and smells like sweet candy — with a little bit of that herbal flavor we all know and love. It’s a hybrid, so it’s just as good for wake and bakes as it is for goodnight tokes and everything in between.

Gushers — Indica

This juicy THCa strain is smooth, fruity, and super relaxing. We know you’ll love the tropical flavors and euphoric effects of this THCa indica that’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

Grape Frosty — Indica

This indica THCa strain tastes like sweet and sour grapes with a little bit of a diesel edge. Grape Frosty THCa is super relaxing, so grab some snacks and get ready to chill.

Moon Berry — Indica

Moon Berry is one of our favorite indica THCa strains. It’s got that classic kush taste with a hint of fresh berries and brings the perfect balance of body relaxation and mental creativity.

Lemon Drop — Sativa

This sativa THCa strain is just as bright and uplifting as the name suggests. It has a lemony, citrusy flavor and is known for being super giggly. Lemon Drop THCa pairs perfectly with a funny movie or a smoke sesh with some of your best buds.

Space Junky — Sativa

Space Junky THCa is a little bit herbal and a little bit floral — the perfect balance. This Sativa THCa strain is energizing and creative, so it’s perfect for morning smoke seshes before a productive day.

Orange Creamsicle — Sativa

This sativa THCa strain is as sweet as ice cream and just as refreshing. It tastes like orange and vanilla and will leave you feeling upbeat, energized, and ready to take on the day — or the night.

Cookie Mints — Hybrid

This hybrid THCa strain is one of our best sellers — once you try it, you’ll get why. It tastes dank with a hint of herbal, lemony freshness, and it’s the perfect balance of euphoric and relaxing. Cheers!

Black Runtz — Indica

Black Runtz has a creamy and citrus aroma with a sweet berry flavor. Black runtz is a top-quality strain that deserves all the praise it’s been getting lately.

Orange Push Pop — Sativa

Orange Push Pop has Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit qualities, with the best parts of each strains.

Banana Zkittles — Hybrid

This hybrid is a cross between Zkittles and Banana Punch. Banana Zkittles has a hint of mellow, sweet Banana.

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