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We have a new tier of lows that you’re going to love if you’re on a budget! We got a fresh harvest from our hoop house grow. This is outdoor grown with a covering to help control light, temperature, and other micro climate factors. Growing under the hoop-house helps the plant produce more cannabinoids and terps than just plain outdoor grown. It’s a super cheap way of growing cannabis, primarily for extraction, but the buds are grown organically and still smoke decently if you want a budget option.
This is the cheapest offering we have on our site so obviously it’s the lowest quality. However, we are dedicated to providing amazing value at every price point and you guys love our budget options so we had to release even cheaper.
While this is the lowest quality we sell, it’s still a decent product and a fire deal for the price point. Buds are green, squishy, and have decent THCa content.

When we rolled up some ourselves and here’s our feedback:

Smooth smoke still, minimal nose but still present, sticky buds. The THC content was still decent because, after a few puffs into a joint, we were feeling it. If you want budget flower and are willing to pay a bit more, go for greenhouse smalls @ $50/oz for fresher material, or indoor micros for really fire stuff @ $60/oz.
Each step up our quality later gives increasingly better product and experience. But the bottom line is this is a crazy steal to get an entire oz for only $40. Go roll some massive joints or just smoke the absolute cheapest price per gram flower out there so you save money!
Either way, we appreciate you and hope you enjoy fam.

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