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THCA Snowballs – THCa Flower


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Introducing THCA Snowballs – the epitome of pure and potent enjoyment! Crafted with precision and care, our THCA Snowballs are made with Premium THCa flower coated in THCa isolate. These snowballs will transport you to a winter wonderland of relaxation and euphoria.

How Are THCa Snowballs Made?

Similar to the Moon Rocks concept, our THCa Snowballs are made by taking our top-shelf flower, typically priced at $45/8th, and giving it a gentle mist of distilled water, then rolling the nugs around in pure 99.99% THCa isolate. This gets the isolate to stick to the buds without adding any unnatural ingredients! From here, we let the buds cure for a day so the moisture goes away, and then the snowballs get packed in our bags, sealed, and sent to you.

How To Smoke THCa Snowballs?

It is possible to smoke snowballs just like you would any regular bud, in a joint or blunt, out of a bong, or even in a dry herb vaporizer. Because of all the extra THCa on the outside of the bud, we recommend being careful with the product and even consider breaking it down by hand as opposed to using a grinder. If you do decide to use a grinder, make sure to include all the isolate that may have fallen off, in your bowl or joint for maximum potency!

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