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garlic truffles thca strain

Garlic Truffles THCa is one captivating cannabis strain with remarkable genetics from GMO Cookies and Garlic Buds. The parent strain of Garlic truffles, GMO Cookies, is a fusion of the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, resulting in a robust, gassy, and garlicky aroma that opens your nostrils as you take a whiff. As a balanced hybrid, Garlic Truffles boasts a potent THC content and has become popular among cannabis connoisseurs looking for a high-intensity experience.

Strain Effects

garlic truffles effects
  • Body High
  • Calming
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Focused
  • Blissful

THC Level

Garlic Truffle’s THC content is 22%.

Aroma & Flavor Profile

Garlic Truffles brings on an earthy garlic scent, accompanied by gassy undertones, which will tantalize your senses, leaving you craving more. This kush strain’s musky aroma and flavor have been said to be nostalgic and reminiscent of your very first smoking experience.

When you indulge in the Garlic Truffle strain, its flavor mirrors its enticing scent. Initially, you’ll encounter a bold blend of earthy garlic and onion notes from its parent strain, Garlic Buds, followed by a delightful creamy sweetness from GMO Cookies, leaving a lingering and satisfying aftertaste.


Garlic Truffles’ appearance is thick, dense buds with slight purple and dominant green hues. The beautiful frosted white trichomes complement the vibrant and bright orange hairs, contrasting the colors on the nugs to make them look incredible.

Garlic Truffles presents dense buds with hints of purple and orange hairs amidst lush green hues. These buds are covered in a stunning layer of frosty white trichomes that showcase their potency. The colors and frosty trichomes create a visually captivating bud, giving Garlic Truffles a remarkable appearance.

Terpene Profile

garlic truffles terpene profile
  • Caryophyllene 

Caryophyllene is the most abundant terpene found in Garlic Truffles. It is known for its spicy and peppery aroma and flavors. Caryophyllene aids with anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory therapeutic effects.

  • Limonene

Limonene contributes to the sweet, fruity, and citrusy aromas of sativa strains. This terpene gives users feelings and sensations of euphoric and uplifting effects. Limonene helps therapeutically with pain relief and has antioxidant properties.

  • Humulene

Humulene is a unique terpene that gives weed strains like Garlic Truffle a hoppy, herbal, clove-like aroma and flavor. This terpene is excellent for appetite suppression, has energizing effects, and helps reduce discomfort.

Where to Buy Garlic Truffles THCa Strain Online

where to buy garlic truffles thca strain online

You can find the top-shelf Garlic Truffles strain here at Bay Smokes! Our Garlic Truffles Strain is cultivated indoors in a state-of-the-art facility and lab-tested for purity and potency. Experience our Garlic Truffles Strain bursting with a gassy and garlicky flavor, waiting to delight your senses.

Bay Smokes Garlic Truffles THCa Strain comes in a range of weights – 3.5g, 7g, 14g, or 28g – ensuring you get the perfect amount for your needs.

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  • Is Garlic Truffles indica or sativa?

Garlic Truffles is a well-balanced hybrid strain of 50% sativa and 50% indica.

  • Is Garlic Truffles Strain Strong?

Yes, the Garlic Truffles strain is potent. The THC content is high due to the abundance of crystal trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes. When smoking Garlic Truffles for the first time, you should start with smaller hits and gradually increase your dosage.

  • What are the effects and flavor profile of the Garlic Truffle cannabis strain?
    • Strain effects – Body High, Creative, Euphoric, calming.
    • Flavor Profile – Earthy garlic with a hint of diesel
  • What Are The Benefits Of Truffles Strain?

Garlic Truffle is excellent for giving your body a lovely high by allowing you to feel relaxed while still allowing you to be creative and outgoing. Therapeutically, this strain can help with pain relief and has anti-anxiety properties.

  • How to use Garlic Truffles THCa Flower

Garlic Truffles THCa flower use is limitless! You can smoke through any method you want, through a joint or blunt and through a bong or pipe! Garlic Truffles THCa flower can also be consumed raw for its medicinal benefits or turned into edibles like brownies, rice crispy treats, or candies.

  • What Is THCa vs THC

THCa is the same as THC hemp flower. THCa converts to THC once heated or smoked. You can turn THCa into THC by smoking a joint, out of a bong, or baking!

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g


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